Friday, March 7, 2008

Meet our new cousin!!

Maisy and Madison would like to introduce their newest cousin...Raegan Anne Neu. She was born on a very snowy day in March! Yes, she was born on Thursday! We were hoping to have pictures of the girls in the snow, but here in Plano we got a light dusting! If only we were still in Denton! There was so much snow there! We were jealous! Well, back to Baby Raegan, she is a cutie even though she looks like her daddy! The girls thought she was pretty neat. Well Maddie was not thrilled...she likes her baby dolls less "realistic".

Maisy: "She is so tiny!"

Maddie giving a hug

Maddie: "Here kid, we brought you these..."

But I am keeping this one!

We're not taking her home...are we?

Congratulations Uncle Danny and Aunt Angel...she is Beautiful!


beckyferris said...

omg... the cutness factor... too... much.... can't... handle... the cute

Chrissi said...

When do we get to see adorable Easter pictures??? :^ )