Monday, May 28, 2007

It has been a couple of weeks of not much going on in our house. When it has not been raining, we have enjoyed playing in the backyard. We have had some friends over on a couple of occasions to play in the play yard. "Brown" Matthew (Maisy calls him this because of his hair color) had lots of fun opening and closing the gate and sliding down the slide. Maisy became frustrated at one point and decided that she would sit in the middle of the yard and cry! But Mommy saved the day by bringing out the water table for the kiddos to play in! "White" Matthew (Maisy's toe-headed cousin) stopped by for a short visit and got a chance to play too! He had fun playing and really liked our dogs.

In other news, Maddie has been working on sitting up! She is doing a really good job, but is not quite there yet. She falls over after a minute or so of sitting there. She has also been enjoying her bumbo seat and jumperoo. She might roll over any day now! She is finally getting more comfortable being on her tummy. As you can tell from the pictures she is quite chubby! Never missed a meal!
Maisy is her usual goofy self! She keeps us entertained with her never-ending funny comments! She is crazy about playing with balls. She really likes the ones you can get out of the ball machine at "Old Maybe" (Old Navy). Since they only cost a quarter and it makes her happy we have accumulated a lot of them. Here is Maisy showing off a "few" of them!
Here are a couple of pictures of the girls hanging out together!
And I know what you are thinking..."Does Maddie ever smile in pictures?" Here is some "rare" proof that yes indeed she does!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finally an Update!

Sorry we went so long without an update, it has been a crazy couple of weeks! Two Saturdays ago, Craig spent the weekend setting up a play area in our backyard! He decided to fence off a corner of our yard for the girls to play in. The fence is not to keep the girls in, but to keep the dogs out! We did not want their toys to get "claimed" by the dogs! So after taking up the grass, laying weed fabric and lots and lots of mulch, we now have a fun place to play! There is a house, turtle sandbox, toddler slide and an 8-in1-playground! We found most of the toys used, but in good condition! Maisy has enjoyed playing on it, but it has rained so much she has not been able to get out there. As for Maddie, well she will have to be a little bigger to play out there!

Maddie went to see the doctor for her 4 month check-up! She is growing so fast! She weighs 14.6lbs now. She is in the 75th percentile straight across the board! She was introduced to solids last week and is enjoying her rice cereal! She just got an exersaucer and loves to play in it. We have a jumperoo upstairs in the loft and that I think is her favorite! She squeals at us more now and loves to be startled! It is funny! Maisy actually loves to be startled too, so we spend a lot of time in our house jumping out from behind stuff!

Maddie also is now old enough to start the nursery at church! She has been attending the nursery for 2 weeks now. She seems to enjoy it. I think she mostly sleeps, but that just shows me she is content in her class. Her teacher is Angela, she was Maisy's teacher when she was a baby and we just love her! The first Sunday we took Maddie to her class Maisy was sad and wanted to go in with her sister! Very cute! Maisy enjoys her class too! For the past 2 Sundays when we drive up to church she says "Thank you for my church"!

Here Maisy was eating her breakfast and her crazy bed-head made me laugh!

Maddie waiting to try cereal! She is a pro at eating!

Maisy and Maddie dressed for church!