Sunday, March 2, 2008

And we're back...

It's been a busy 4-5 months and we haven't had a chance to update the blog. Sorry. Hopefully, this will help make up for lost time.

We have successfully moved from Denton to Plano and have settled in the new house. The new house has plenty of room for play and Maisy's room has been "pinked" (that is, painted pink). Since our last update, we've had Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, a trip to Florida, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, and (finally) the closing on the sale of our old house.

Maisy is now 3 years old (plus a few months). She loves being a big sister and mommy pro-tem. Although she was Tinkerbell for Halloween, she has since become a fan of Disney princesses and is very fond of The Little Mermaid. She knows most of the movie word-for-word, especially the songs. She loves to sing. Unfortunately, her CD player quit working and so she's had to listen to the radio. She listens to KLTY (the Christian station here) and really likes and impatiently waits for them to play "Hold Me Jesus" by Big Daddy Weave (or "Big Daddy Leaves" as she thinks they're called). When it comes on, she sings it at the top of her lungs, but strangely she won't sing it on request.

Maisy's hair has grown quite a bit in the past year, but apparently it's not growing fast enough for her. She loves to pretend that she has long flowing hair by placing her "blankie" on her head and calling it hair.

Recently, her friend Matthew spent the night because his mom was at a Women of Faith conference. They had lots of fun, didn't get much sleep (as most sleepovers go) and got up early and managed to wake Maddie up, as well. Mom survived the night and managed to get a few pictures of the weary kids.

Too pooped to play

Matthew: Is my dad here to pick me up yet?

Maddie has turned 1 and has become quite mobile. She started crawling (finally) on New Year's Day (that was her New Year's resolution) and has recently started pulling up and almost walking (with some assistance). She is a handful, crazy, lunatic that loves to make "cheesy" faces. She adores her big sister and calls her "Zaizy" and follows her everywhere around the house. She also loves to play with balls and baby dolls and gets so excited if she says either one in the toy aisle at Target. Here are some pictures of her stealing her sister's shopping cart and taking off.

This is what happens after you fall

Hope everyone is doing well. Sleep tight...

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Chrissi said...

I have been checking back every week or so and finally!!! The girls are getting so big. Thank you for the Valentine pictures. Sounds like you guys have been busy beavers!!! :^ )