Friday, June 22, 2007


It seems that a whole month has almost gotten away with out an update on the girls! June has been really busy for us. This month started off good, Craig had his birthday! We celebrated the day before and then jumped in the car and drove down to Houston to spend time with family there! We had a good time even though it was a short trip and unfortunately came back with no pictures! I was so disappointed! After our trip it pretty much went down hill. Craig was sick and then I came down with something that decided to camp out and stay! We are both doing better and pray the girls do not come down with it! I do not have a lot of pictures, but the ones I have are pretty darn cute! Enjoy!

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday!

Picnic dinner at the courthouse with Big Daddy Alright, Kristen and Chy-chy!
Maisy cruising in the jeep with Chyanne! (Maddie hangin out watching!)
Introducing Princess Maisy! She informed her daddy that she is Princess Maisy and sometimes "Super-Princess Maisy"!
Maddie kickin back in the bath!