Saturday, March 29, 2008

A lot of updates!

I did a lot of updating today! I hope you enjoy all the post! But I forgot to add a picture of Maddie playing peek-a boo! I could never catch her covering her eyes...she is just that quick!

Getting bigger!

So little Miss Maddie has turned 15 months! She went for her checkup and is doing great! She is meeting all of her milestones except for the walking. We know she can walk, she just does not want to let go of anything yet. I think she just does not have the confidence in herself to stay upright. She was weighed and measured at the doctors...height is 29 1/2 inches (25th percentile), weight 23 lbs (50th percentile) and head circumference 43 cm (95th percentile). That is right...she is short, average weight with a big head! All kidding aside, she is just beautiful!

I took some pictures of the girls getting ready for bed the other night. Maisy is very much into princesses and was quite proud of her little mermaid pajamas! She is currently waiting on her hair to grow long and turn red so she too can be a mermaid! Maddie is so funny about having her teeth brushed. If you start to brush Maisy's first she will sit on the floor and scream at you until you brush hers! She finds dental hygiene very important!

every princess wears her fancy shoes to bed!

We are also very happy to report that Maisy is wearing "big girl panties"! We are very proud of her! She is doing really good and is quite proud!

Then and now...

So as many of you guys know Maisy has a good friend Matthew. I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of when they first started playing together. I got the idea one day when Amanda and Matthew were over playing. I noticed that Maisy and Matthew were sitting on the porch playing and talking to each other. This is something they have done since they were little. I think they were about 16 months old when we started having play dates. We actually met them when the kids were around 7 months old. We met at Little Gym then we ran into them at church, and the library! Finally we decided we should just hang around each other. The kids are very close in age, there is only 3 weeks difference. They are so cute together. Even when they were tiny they seemed to have their own way of communicating. They are very kind to each other and take care of one another. Oh and they have days where they bicker like an old married couple! They are quite the match those two! They are the bestest of friends!



Oh the adorableness!!!

This one is for my best friend Chrissi!

So we have had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks...It started with Raymie and the girls taking a trip to Tyler with Grandmommy. We went up to see the Azaela Trail. We had a good time looking at all the pretty flowers and beautiful homes. Driving around town we found a park called "The Childrens Park". So we pulled over and let the girls out to get some pictures. I happened to have the girls dresses in the car so we changed them and "tried" to get some cute pictures. I do not know what it is about my girls and the camera. I always get the grumpiest looks from them! I took a bazzilion pictures and got a few good ones!

After our trip it was time for Easter. We went to pop's (Raymie's dad) to have a easter egg hunt with our cousins Caleb and Aaron. The kids had fun running around pop's backyard and gathering eggs. Maddie who is not quite walking yet enjoyed hunting with mommy.

On Sunday we went to church in Denton and had lunch at Grandmommy's house. If you will notice their Easter dresses are not the same as in the above pictures. I found the ones I had originally wanted on sale so I got them! They were so pretty in their dresses. We had a wonderful day with Grandmommy. After lunch everyone got a nap (including daddy) and then Maisy and Grandmommy had some fun coloring Easter eggs!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Meet our new cousin!!

Maisy and Madison would like to introduce their newest cousin...Raegan Anne Neu. She was born on a very snowy day in March! Yes, she was born on Thursday! We were hoping to have pictures of the girls in the snow, but here in Plano we got a light dusting! If only we were still in Denton! There was so much snow there! We were jealous! Well, back to Baby Raegan, she is a cutie even though she looks like her daddy! The girls thought she was pretty neat. Well Maddie was not thrilled...she likes her baby dolls less "realistic".

Maisy: "She is so tiny!"

Maddie giving a hug

Maddie: "Here kid, we brought you these..."

But I am keeping this one!

We're not taking her home...are we?

Congratulations Uncle Danny and Aunt Angel...she is Beautiful!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

And we're back...

It's been a busy 4-5 months and we haven't had a chance to update the blog. Sorry. Hopefully, this will help make up for lost time.

We have successfully moved from Denton to Plano and have settled in the new house. The new house has plenty of room for play and Maisy's room has been "pinked" (that is, painted pink). Since our last update, we've had Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, a trip to Florida, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, and (finally) the closing on the sale of our old house.

Maisy is now 3 years old (plus a few months). She loves being a big sister and mommy pro-tem. Although she was Tinkerbell for Halloween, she has since become a fan of Disney princesses and is very fond of The Little Mermaid. She knows most of the movie word-for-word, especially the songs. She loves to sing. Unfortunately, her CD player quit working and so she's had to listen to the radio. She listens to KLTY (the Christian station here) and really likes and impatiently waits for them to play "Hold Me Jesus" by Big Daddy Weave (or "Big Daddy Leaves" as she thinks they're called). When it comes on, she sings it at the top of her lungs, but strangely she won't sing it on request.

Maisy's hair has grown quite a bit in the past year, but apparently it's not growing fast enough for her. She loves to pretend that she has long flowing hair by placing her "blankie" on her head and calling it hair.

Recently, her friend Matthew spent the night because his mom was at a Women of Faith conference. They had lots of fun, didn't get much sleep (as most sleepovers go) and got up early and managed to wake Maddie up, as well. Mom survived the night and managed to get a few pictures of the weary kids.

Too pooped to play

Matthew: Is my dad here to pick me up yet?

Maddie has turned 1 and has become quite mobile. She started crawling (finally) on New Year's Day (that was her New Year's resolution) and has recently started pulling up and almost walking (with some assistance). She is a handful, crazy, lunatic that loves to make "cheesy" faces. She adores her big sister and calls her "Zaizy" and follows her everywhere around the house. She also loves to play with balls and baby dolls and gets so excited if she says either one in the toy aisle at Target. Here are some pictures of her stealing her sister's shopping cart and taking off.

This is what happens after you fall

Hope everyone is doing well. Sleep tight...