Saturday, March 29, 2008

Getting bigger!

So little Miss Maddie has turned 15 months! She went for her checkup and is doing great! She is meeting all of her milestones except for the walking. We know she can walk, she just does not want to let go of anything yet. I think she just does not have the confidence in herself to stay upright. She was weighed and measured at the doctors...height is 29 1/2 inches (25th percentile), weight 23 lbs (50th percentile) and head circumference 43 cm (95th percentile). That is right...she is short, average weight with a big head! All kidding aside, she is just beautiful!

I took some pictures of the girls getting ready for bed the other night. Maisy is very much into princesses and was quite proud of her little mermaid pajamas! She is currently waiting on her hair to grow long and turn red so she too can be a mermaid! Maddie is so funny about having her teeth brushed. If you start to brush Maisy's first she will sit on the floor and scream at you until you brush hers! She finds dental hygiene very important!

every princess wears her fancy shoes to bed!

We are also very happy to report that Maisy is wearing "big girl panties"! We are very proud of her! She is doing really good and is quite proud!

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