Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Fun!

Fall is finally here...well, mostly. We have enjoyed the tiny drop in tempature! The girls are doing great! Maddie is growing so fast! Maddie is showing more and more personality everyday. She loves to clap and wave and say bye-bye. It is quite adorable. She has become quite fond of her tummy. We catch her rubbing it and pooching it out. I am not sure why she does this but it is really funny. She also will look for the puppies if you ask her where they are. We are still waiting on her to crawl. Yes, my almost 10 month old is not crawling. She has to be the most content baby! She is just happy wherever she is!

Maisy is still enjoying preschool 2 days a week. She finished her tumble and ballet class and will start a music class this Friday. I am sure she will love that! Maisy is quite the big sister! She loves playing with Maddie! They make each other laugh all the time! We enjoy sitting back and watching her take care of her little sister! Maisy has also started showing interest in Barbies. AGGH! I did not even know she knew what they were. I am so not ready for the Barbies..

We spent some time this month at the zoo with my nephews, Aaron and Caleb. The kids had a good time! Here are some pictures from our day!

Visiting one of our relatives...

Maisy, Aaron and Caleb

Maisy loving on her sister!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chicken down the street?

Well, August and so far this month has been quite busy at the Walls' house. With any luck we will be getting in the groove of things this week.
Mommy, Grandmommy and the girls took a small trip to San Antonio and the "Hill" country in August. We had a good time just hanging out with the girls and spending some really good quality time with Grandmommy. Maisy and Maddie really enjoyed the boat ride on the Riverwalk. Mommy was just glad she did not have to "fish" anyone or anything out! After we returned from our trip, it was time to start Preschool! Mommy is working in the Children's Day Out program at a local church. Maisy is in their preschool program and Maddie is in the infant class. Maisy especially enjoys going to class! When we get to school in the morning she always says "just drop me off".

Maisy has also started a tumble class and a ballet class at the rec center. She loves tumbling! She enjoys hanging from the bar and walking on the balancing beam. She has no hesitations in trying anything new! Ballet started this past Saturday. She was absolutely adorable in her leotard and tights! Of course she was not as graceful as the teacher but I am sure that will come in time! She did really well listening to her teacher and following her instructions. We were quite proud!

Maddie has been her usual self. She is so laid back! She seems to be enjoying going to Childrens Day out! Her teachers are impressed about how content she is. I do not think they have ever heard her cry! She is so easy-going, I do not think she will ever crawl! I am in no hurry, she gets into a lot of stuff just sitting in one spot! She has started saying "mama" and "bye-bye". Well, she only says "mama" when she is mad...

The girls love playing together! They are such good sisters! Maisy enjoys reading to her and playing in the bath together. It is really neat to see Maddie get so excited to play with Maisy!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks....
But before the pictures a few funny things that Maisy has said,

"I want to wear my belly-button shoes!" (that would be ballet shoes)
After hearing mommy sneeze in the other room, "that is mommy 'blessyou-ing' "
and, "Row, Row, Row your Boat" by Maisy

Row, Row, Row your boat,
Chicken down the street,
Runny, runny, runny,
Like a spotted treat!

Boat ride in San Antonio with Grandmommy!

Tumble Class

Ballet class!
Preschool/ Children's Day Out
Just Playing...
Goodnight everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"I not gonna skeeze her head off!"

Well, not much has been going on in our household. We have mostly been hanging around the house and staying out of the heat!

Maisy and Maddie are doing great. Maisy has enjoyed her friend Chyanne hanging out with us this summer and so has mommy! I dread the day Chy goes back to school! The girls will be starting the Children's Day Out Program at Southmont Baptist. Mommy is going to be teaching the toddler class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is just a couple of days a week and it will help get a discount on the tuition for the girls. Plus we will all have a chance to make some new friends. We are looking forward to this new adventure! Daddy starts a new job on the 27th! He is very excited about this new opportunity! Other than that not much has happened here! Maddie is thinking about crawling but has not actually put all the moves together. Maisy is still working on the potty training. We were doing really good, but had a set back. We are not sure what happened but hopefully we can get back on track! Anyways, here are some pictures from our days around the house. The first one is about the title of this blog. Maisy wanted to hold Maddie and she had her arms around her neck. I told her to be careful she might squeeze her head off! Maisy replied " I not gonna skeeze her head off!" It made me laugh!

Maddie playing in a box! Who needs a bumbo seat!

Daddy put a sticker on her head! It was from her banana...she did not see the humor in it! (Click on picture to read the sticker)

Can you tell her hair is growing?
Maisy pushing Maddie in the box!
They had a lot of fun together! We noticed that Maisy was playing with something else and that Maddie was nowhere around! We found her in the kitchen just as content as could be sitting in her box!

Maisy is the proud owner of Crocs! She will not wear anything else!

Friday, July 27, 2007

She is becoming such a BIG girl...

Well, it was time to take down Maisy's toddler bed and nursery decor, so she could have a BIG girl room! For those of you who had not seen her room it was Lavender with soft yellow stripes. It was such a sweet room but Maisy needed a room to match her colorful spirit! My good friend Amanda and her son Matthew came to help us and we could not have done it without them! Amanda and I painted the room pepto pink and even managed to save the striped wall that daddy had worked so hard on before she was born! It turned out very cute! It reminds me of a candy shop. Her crib turned into a toddler bed and now has become a full size bed. It looks really great! She has enjoyed it so much. I have too because now we can cuddle in her bed and read a book before bedtime. Here are some pictures...

I am also including pictures of Maddie's room. I finally moved her out of the bassinet in our room to her room. So, we had to take down the canopy over her bed. It made me sad because it was so pretty, but I will put it back up later. It is not the safest thing to have over her bed right now!

The girls are doing really good and I will add some pictures of them this weekend! Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a wonderful 4th of July! Maisy, Maddie, Mommy and Daddy marched in the Denton 4th of July parade. It was a lot of fun. We decorated Maisy's car and Maddie's stroller and marched around the square! Our friend Chyanne was also in the parade and of course Maisy thought that was pretty cool! We came home and grilled hot dogs and the girls took a nap while daddy did some honey-do's! We did not get back out to see fireworks, we wanted to get to bed early tonight. Maybe next year we will see some! Here are some pictures from our day!

In other news, Maddie has turned 6 months old!! She went for her 6 month checkup and is growing like a weed! She weighs 17.2lbs and is 27 inches long! This puts her in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height! Before you tell me my sweet little baby is chubby, I will have you know that Dr. Goff said she was well proportioned! So be nice! She is bigger than Maisy was at this age and while I was hoping to use alot of the same clothes, I did have to go buy some 6-9 month outfits for Maddie. I am not complaining...we all know I like to shop for the girls!

Maisy is her usual crazy self! We have sorta started to potty train. Our friends, Amanda and Matthew have inspired us! Matthew has been at it for a little over a week and is doing GREAT! So we have been working at it. Well, tonight she surprised us by initiating the potty breaks! She kept her diaper dry all afternoon! We are proud and hope this will go smoothly!

We took some time today to get some pictures of the girls together! Enjoy!

This one made me cry! My girls are so BEAUTIFUL!