Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Fun!

Fall is finally here...well, mostly. We have enjoyed the tiny drop in tempature! The girls are doing great! Maddie is growing so fast! Maddie is showing more and more personality everyday. She loves to clap and wave and say bye-bye. It is quite adorable. She has become quite fond of her tummy. We catch her rubbing it and pooching it out. I am not sure why she does this but it is really funny. She also will look for the puppies if you ask her where they are. We are still waiting on her to crawl. Yes, my almost 10 month old is not crawling. She has to be the most content baby! She is just happy wherever she is!

Maisy is still enjoying preschool 2 days a week. She finished her tumble and ballet class and will start a music class this Friday. I am sure she will love that! Maisy is quite the big sister! She loves playing with Maddie! They make each other laugh all the time! We enjoy sitting back and watching her take care of her little sister! Maisy has also started showing interest in Barbies. AGGH! I did not even know she knew what they were. I am so not ready for the Barbies..

We spent some time this month at the zoo with my nephews, Aaron and Caleb. The kids had a good time! Here are some pictures from our day!

Visiting one of our relatives...

Maisy, Aaron and Caleb

Maisy loving on her sister!