Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chicken down the street?

Well, August and so far this month has been quite busy at the Walls' house. With any luck we will be getting in the groove of things this week.
Mommy, Grandmommy and the girls took a small trip to San Antonio and the "Hill" country in August. We had a good time just hanging out with the girls and spending some really good quality time with Grandmommy. Maisy and Maddie really enjoyed the boat ride on the Riverwalk. Mommy was just glad she did not have to "fish" anyone or anything out! After we returned from our trip, it was time to start Preschool! Mommy is working in the Children's Day Out program at a local church. Maisy is in their preschool program and Maddie is in the infant class. Maisy especially enjoys going to class! When we get to school in the morning she always says "just drop me off".

Maisy has also started a tumble class and a ballet class at the rec center. She loves tumbling! She enjoys hanging from the bar and walking on the balancing beam. She has no hesitations in trying anything new! Ballet started this past Saturday. She was absolutely adorable in her leotard and tights! Of course she was not as graceful as the teacher but I am sure that will come in time! She did really well listening to her teacher and following her instructions. We were quite proud!

Maddie has been her usual self. She is so laid back! She seems to be enjoying going to Childrens Day out! Her teachers are impressed about how content she is. I do not think they have ever heard her cry! She is so easy-going, I do not think she will ever crawl! I am in no hurry, she gets into a lot of stuff just sitting in one spot! She has started saying "mama" and "bye-bye". Well, she only says "mama" when she is mad...

The girls love playing together! They are such good sisters! Maisy enjoys reading to her and playing in the bath together. It is really neat to see Maddie get so excited to play with Maisy!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks....
But before the pictures a few funny things that Maisy has said,

"I want to wear my belly-button shoes!" (that would be ballet shoes)
After hearing mommy sneeze in the other room, "that is mommy 'blessyou-ing' "
and, "Row, Row, Row your Boat" by Maisy

Row, Row, Row your boat,
Chicken down the street,
Runny, runny, runny,
Like a spotted treat!

Boat ride in San Antonio with Grandmommy!

Tumble Class

Ballet class!
Preschool/ Children's Day Out
Just Playing...
Goodnight everyone!

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