Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"I not gonna skeeze her head off!"

Well, not much has been going on in our household. We have mostly been hanging around the house and staying out of the heat!

Maisy and Maddie are doing great. Maisy has enjoyed her friend Chyanne hanging out with us this summer and so has mommy! I dread the day Chy goes back to school! The girls will be starting the Children's Day Out Program at Southmont Baptist. Mommy is going to be teaching the toddler class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is just a couple of days a week and it will help get a discount on the tuition for the girls. Plus we will all have a chance to make some new friends. We are looking forward to this new adventure! Daddy starts a new job on the 27th! He is very excited about this new opportunity! Other than that not much has happened here! Maddie is thinking about crawling but has not actually put all the moves together. Maisy is still working on the potty training. We were doing really good, but had a set back. We are not sure what happened but hopefully we can get back on track! Anyways, here are some pictures from our days around the house. The first one is about the title of this blog. Maisy wanted to hold Maddie and she had her arms around her neck. I told her to be careful she might squeeze her head off! Maisy replied " I not gonna skeeze her head off!" It made me laugh!

Maddie playing in a box! Who needs a bumbo seat!

Daddy put a sticker on her head! It was from her banana...she did not see the humor in it! (Click on picture to read the sticker)

Can you tell her hair is growing?
Maisy pushing Maddie in the box!
They had a lot of fun together! We noticed that Maisy was playing with something else and that Maddie was nowhere around! We found her in the kitchen just as content as could be sitting in her box!

Maisy is the proud owner of Crocs! She will not wear anything else!

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