Monday, September 8, 2008

Let's wrap up summer with a post!!!

Well...I could spend all day writing and telling you every detail that has happened since our last post, but I will keep it short! I know you just really come here for the pictures!

We started off the summer with a trip to Sea World. The girls had a really good time and we are planning to go back in a few weeks. Both the girls really loved all the shows. We were quite surprised at how well Maddie followed along. We spent a lot of time with the dolphins...Maisy really loved that! Maddie did not want to obey the rules and lay flat on her tummy on the wall. She still saw them but had to do it her own stubborn way!

We have been searching for a new church home...we have visited a few that we have really liked. It is so hard to do, and confusing for the girls. Hopefully we will find one soon and get settled in. On our mission of finding a church, Maisy was able to attend Mini Music Camp at one of the churches. She had fun, even though she cried every time I dropped her off! They had a program for the parents at the end of the week and Maisy cried as soon as they came out to get on stage. Oh are always going to have one that cries, or waves, or sings too loud, or picks their nose...I am glad she was not the nose picker!

Other than that, the summer has been all about playing and staying cool. We went swimming a bunch with Amanda and Matthew. We also swam some with my sister and her kids. Maisy loved the water and Maddie tolerated it. Maddie did not like the cofinement of her floatie!

We ended the summer with a family trip to Broken Bow, Ok for Labor day. We had a really nice cabin that we stayed at. The girls liked playing with the rocks outside! Who needs toys when there are rocks! We were able to take the girls on a train ride and saw a lot of deer. We also took a hay ride that had no hay! But everytime we saw people we were instructed to yell Hey! So there you was a HEY ride. The drama started when we got back from our trip...Maisy got an ear infection and poor little Dodger was attacked at the kennel by another dog:( Maisy got some antibiotics and Dodger got several stitches! We are finally on the mend around here.

Maisy is busy this fall with ballet and ice skating lessons. She loves them both and is really doing well with ice skating! Maddie and I are going to be enjoying library time for toddlers and are looking into some tumble classes.

The girls are growing so fast...we are just 3 months from their 4th and 2nd birthday. We are not having a party this year...we are going to DISNEY WORLD! woohoo! It will be our 10 year anniversary, so it is off to see the castle! Check back often...i will keep up with this more since I have my new computer...thank you Craig!

Just a note...Maddie is suprising us everyday with big words she can say! She likes to fool you by making you think she can not talk and then boom she will say something huge!

Enjoy the pictures...

Sea World

Ice skating!

Train ride

HEY ride!

Making cookies! mmmm!

I forgot to mention we went to the circus!

Music Camp

Playing at the park with Aaron and Caleb!


beckyferris said...

wrap it up! :) oh those summer kids are so cute.

and now we're supposed to be checking back "often?"

i'll believe it when i see it....

Chyanne #20 said...

I had alot of fun with yall this summer i hope to come back soon and the other day when i saw the girls and you at the mall surprised me they r growing up!!!