Sunday, February 25, 2007

Elmo and the gang!

Saturday we went to Sesame Street Live! We had so much fun! Who knew even mom and dad would enjoy it as much as Maisy! Maisy was a bit grumpy when we first got there. She was still upset with us for not letting her play on the playground at Chick Fil A. We did not have time and she did not understand what the big rush was! So she was grumpy for about the first 20 mins of the show and all of the sudden she turned to Craig and gave him a hug and a smile! It was a very cute show! We took pictures they turned out a little fuzzy because of the dancing and lighting. There are some pictures of Maisy grumpy and we finally got one of her smiling! Yeah Elmo!! We can't wait to go next year!

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Chrissi said...

I am soooo jealous that Maisy got to see ELMO! He is my favorite!