Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Maisy!

I can't believe it either, she is already 5! It seems like she was just turning one yesterday! I do love the stage we are in with the girls. No diapers, they play well together, very few meltdowns, both girls still take naps. I can't complain. God has blessed us with amazing kids.

Maisy enjoyed her birthday! We filled her room full of balloons before she woke up. She wanted to go to Build a Bear, so after her skating lesson we took her to build a new friend. She chose a bunny and it turned out cute in a cute outfit with a tiara! She wanted to have lunch at Chick fil a and she chose spaghetti for dinner and brownies instead of cake. She still does not like cake but loves for me! She had a fun day! In January we are planning a birthday party for her and Madi and their friends. She can't wait!

The present she got from Matthew, Finn, Amanda and Ben!

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