Friday, October 10, 2008

What did YOU do last week?

Well, we had tons of fun! Last week we had the opportunity to have a few extra days off with Daddy! They finished up a huge project at work and were given some time off! We decided to go to the Texas State Fair and then we jumped in the car and headed off to Sea World! I have a cute story to share and then you can get to your picture viewing...Before the Shamu Believe show they always show shots of people in the audience on the big screen. When they were done Maisy turned and asked me when they were going to put her on the big screen. I assured her that it was an oversight on their part ;) During the same show they also pick a grade-school student to be upclose with Shamu and tell the audience what they want to be when they grow up. Well Maisy also wanted to know when they were going to come get her...she wanted them to know she wants to be a whale trainer when she grows up! I thought it was cute...she has been telling me a lot lately how she wants to be on "stage" and on television. Oh dear...NOT if I can help it! Enjoy the photos!

At the fair

Ice skating last week and this week

Maddie looking unimpressed with her sister's skating

Maisy talking to the fish at SeaWorld

Too cool for the dolphins

Maisy after getting her face painted
Watching shows

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beckyferris said...

the way maisy's sitting in the first pic, it looked like one of those head cut out things... but it's not:). my fav pic is maddie with the sunglasses. hehehe