Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring is here!!

Maisy is so glad that spring is here! We have been enjoying playing outside! Mommy just needs to get out there and clean off all of the toys!

Maisy and Chyanne

Last week our friend Chyanne came over during her spring break. Maisy loves to play with Chy-Chy! They had fun playing with play doh, coloring and just hanging out! Mommy loves it when Chyanne comes over! She is such a big helper. It is amazing what I can get done when she visits.

Madison...growing so fast!

Madison is now 3 months old!! She is staying awake even more throughout the day and sleeping about 11 hrs straight through the night! Both of our girls love to sleep...they must take after their daddy! Madison is such a good baby, she loves to be talked to! Her hair is growing! I hope I will be able to get a bow in it by summer! We took some pictures of her this past week. We were trying to catch some of those cute smiles!

Well here is a pretty serious face!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mommy and Maisy's Night Out!

Maisy and I went on a special night out. I thought Maisy needed some one-on-one time with me and did not realize how much I needed it too! We had so much fun! On our special night we went to Build a Bear and had dinner at the mall and rode the carousel! Here are some pictures from the evening!

Maisy picked a bunny!

giving her bunny a hug! bath time for bunny!

See how clean!

Naming her bunny!

All done! Maisy named her bunny "cute" ! I guess she thought it was a good name!

Maisy loved riding on the carousel! I am just glad she did not fall off!

Just another day!

Here are some pictures from Sunday! We spent the day just hanging out. With the time change and a busy Saturday we were all pretty tired. I decided to give Madison some tummy time. She was not a big fan of it on this particular day! She usually likes it but I think she was just too tired. She is getting soooo big! I pulled out all of Maisy's hand-me-downs. She is now wearing 3-6 month clothes. Hopefully she will stay in this size for awhile!

Wait that is not Madison!!! Buster is enjoying Madison's activity gym!

I also pulled out Maisy's clothes from last spring! She still fits in most of them! I figured she could wear them for now but soon I am sure I will need to get her new ones! This outfit she has on is one of my favorites. I am glad she can wear it still. And in case you are wondering she is walking around eating pizza crust! I am surprised that all the dogs are not following her around!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Hangin out with my big sis!

Maisy and Madison enjoyed some time hanging out in Maisy's bed after nap time. Maisy thought it was pretty cool to have Madison sharing her pillow. Which was great because lately Maisy is not up to sharing anything with anyone. Maisy is such a good big sister! It is so sweet to watch her look out for her little sister!