Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just another day!

Here are some pictures from Sunday! We spent the day just hanging out. With the time change and a busy Saturday we were all pretty tired. I decided to give Madison some tummy time. She was not a big fan of it on this particular day! She usually likes it but I think she was just too tired. She is getting soooo big! I pulled out all of Maisy's hand-me-downs. She is now wearing 3-6 month clothes. Hopefully she will stay in this size for awhile!

Wait that is not Madison!!! Buster is enjoying Madison's activity gym!

I also pulled out Maisy's clothes from last spring! She still fits in most of them! I figured she could wear them for now but soon I am sure I will need to get her new ones! This outfit she has on is one of my favorites. I am glad she can wear it still. And in case you are wondering she is walking around eating pizza crust! I am surprised that all the dogs are not following her around!

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