Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We had a great day at our house with Pop and my sister's family!
Maisy and Maddie helped with the cooking and enjoyed playing with their cousins!

Here and ready to cook!

At the kids table!
Hailey at with the grown-ups, after all she is 13!
Watching a Christmas movie while the others watched the Cowboys!

Driving "Miss Maddie"

We powered up the Jeep and I took the girls out front to drive around the block. It was a lot of fun for the girls. Maisy did really well staying off of everyone's grass and making sure her sister stayed seated for the ride. Maddie was not real happy that I would not let her drive the Jeep. Maybe in a couple of months!

Baby Raegan's visit!

The girls had a visit from their cousin, Raegan! They had fun playing with her and giving her lots of kisses and hugs!

The dogs on the other hand were completely worn out from all the fun!
Maisy dressed up like Snow White for Raegan...she loves posing as you can tell!

At the park!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mommy's going to brag a little...

Maisy has been taking ice skating lessons and is doing quite well! Last week we bought her some skates, per the instructor's advice. He thought she needed them and said he thought the rental skates were holding her back. This week he approached us about private lessons! He thinks she is good for her age and is always commenting about her age and her skill. So we will see how this goes! I will keep you posted! As long as she is having fun, we will support her! Did I mention her teacher is a double gold medalist?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here they are the much anticipated Halloween photos! We had a small party for the girls, where we ate pizza, drank wicked witch bubbly punch, and had too much candy! We also took the whole bunch trick or treating. Maisy and Maddie really got into the trick or treating this year! Maddie enjoyed going to the doors and getting candy! She thought she was big! After the first block the 3 youngest (Maisy, Matthew and Maddie) were done! Craig went and got the wagon so they could ride the rest of the way! I will be posting more pictures of the girls, I have to dress them back up in their outfits and get some more pictures! I was too busy to make sure I got the pictures I wanted!

Too pooped to trick or treat!