Thursday, April 12, 2007

What a fun day!

We met our friends Amanda and Matthew at the park. The kids have so much fun playing together! Maisy loves going down the slide over and over again! And Maddie just hung out in the stroller sporting her sunshades! What a fun time!


We spent Easter with Craig's parents. Maisy and Maddie had a good time with Nana and Pawpaw. I again had a hard time getting pictures of Maisy. She was so tired from being in the car so much and not getting her naps in. She did have a lot of fun hunting for Easter eggs and finding the treasures inside! The girls did good despite it all and we enjoyed Easter together as a family!

A very special weekend!

On the way to Craig's parents house, we stopped off at Raymie's Grandma's. We had a good visit with my family. We had dinner over at my Aunt Bonnie's house and visited with Uncle Randy and Aunt Sherry. The girls were tired from being in the car so long so their pictures are a bit on the grumpy side. It was great to see my family and introduce them to Madison!

Maddie and Grandma Neill

Maisy and Aunt Bonnie

Grandma and the girls!

We are proud to announce....

Maisy has PIG-TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainy day fun!

We are very thankful for the rain we had a couple of weeks ago, Maisy was especially glad because she was able to try out her new umbrella! Here are a few pictures of her playing in the rain! She completed her outfit with a pair of flip-flops that showed off her painted toenails! We are ready for spring!

After all that playing in the rain, Maisy cleans up pretty good! She has crazy hair after her bath!

Maddie and the Bumbo seat

Madison is finally big enough to sit in her Bumbo seat! Since she was itty-bitty she has preferred to be sitting up straight, so now she can do it in her seat. I was trying so hard to get her to smile for the camera but she was not about to give up a smile for her mommy! Even though you can not tell from the pictures, I think she is really enjoying it!